Rosette Nebula C59 - Mantini

Rosette Nebula C59 NGC2237 H-Alpha 12-15-15

After weeks of clouds, we finally got some decent weather down here in the Carolina's, albeit it looks like for only one night though. I ventured out with some friends to one of our semi-dark sites, and did a little H-alpha narrowband imaging. Here is a shot Rosette Nebula C59 NGC2237. I used my Orion ED80T refractor, on a Atlas Pro mount. Capturing camera was a Atik 460ex with a Televue 0.8x reducer/flattener. Filter used was a Astrodon 3nm H-alpha. For Rosette, I ran out of time was only able to captured 10x10min Ha. Post processing was done with PixInsight and Photoshop CS6. This is work in progress, and I hope to be able to capture more data for this object once the weather gets better again.